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Welcome to the United States Student Association. Below you will find our vision, mission, and core belief statement. In short: we believe in education justice.

On the pages in this section you will learn about our history, meet our Board of Directors and our national staff . You can also read our governing documents.

USSA partnered with Jobs with Justice to sponsor the Student Labor Action Project. Click here to learn more about SLAP.


We envision a world where every person has access universally to an education in which they feel safe, successful, and can flourish. We envision an education system that embodies the democratic process, is pure from special interests, and is dedicated to the betterment of society.


The United States Student Association is the country’s oldest and largest national student association dedicated to building power for students. We develop grassroots campus bases, run strategic campaigns, and train leaders to dismantle systems of oppression in higher education through a framework of education justice. Through transformative experiences in student organizing, we equip our members to become lifelong leaders at the forefront of making social change.


The members of the US Student Association’s mission is to build student power through leadership development. Our values are:

  • Justice – The complete dismantling of systems of oppression within not only higher education, but the society and the world. When every person is freed, respected, and loved, then we will have true justice.
  • Courage- We believe we, as students, must take a stance on what we believe in despite risk. We must be willing to be open and vulnerable with each other without worry.
  • Collective Liberation- We believe we are not free until the most oppressed of us is free. One community’s liberation is intertwined with the liberation of another’s.
  • Representationally Democratic- We believe in utilizing the democratic process to elect representational leadership based on identity and geography so to ensure our communities, especially those most marginalized, have direct representation at all times.
  • Leaderful- We believe in creating a space in which individuals are nourished so to achieve their highest potential as leaders in social change, and creating a space of abundance in which ALL are able to flourish.