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National Officers

Joseline Garcia, President

Joseline Garcia is a first-generation student and alumni of the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). She is the 14232971_1251892488207969_1966384423906018847_ndaughter of Mexican, Guatemalan immigrants and a sister of two younger brothers. Her organizing career began at UCSB when she attended a Student of Color Conference hosted by her Statewide Student Association. She led multiple campaigns during her two years as a board member of USSA, including State of Emergency, Free Higher Ed, and organized the largest Million Student March in the country in which over 1,500 individuals participated. In her role as Student Advocate General, an executive position in UCSB’s student government, she lead a historic campaign where the Latino student community created demands to increase the recruitment and retention of their community on campus. After an 8 hour meeting with the Chancellor and other administrative executives, all demands were signed. The demands included the establishment of a Central American Department and major, Latinx Parent Weekend, Police Collaborative Board, amongst other things. Her experiences have taught her to channel her passion and anger into grassroots organizing and work towards reproducing justice for communities who are exploited for the benefit of a capitalist society.

Chris Gannon, Vice President 

Chris Gannon grew up in Pinckney, Michigan and is a graduate of the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor. While attending U of M,                                                                                                                                     Chris served as Profile PicDirector of University Affairs and later as President of the Student Association of Michigan, Michigan’s statewide student association. Prior to becoming During his time as President of the Student Association of Michigan, Chris organized a statewide campaign to successfully rewrite minor in possession (MIP) laws in Michigan, allowing young people a second chance and a clean record if caught with alcohol under 21. He also organized the largest student-led voter registration initiative in Michigan history, registering over 14,000 students to vote during the 2016 election cycle. Chris looks forward to working with students across the nation to promote safe and accessible higher education for all.