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Start a USSA Chapter on Your Campus

Build the Grassroots Student Movement on Your Campus!

The national student movement is as strong as its local or campus-based organizers, campaigns, and trainings. Although problematic trends in higher education, such as tuition hikes, racial inequality in recruitment and retention, and student debt, are national, the solutions that we demand for our communities often start at the local level. To make concrete improvements in people’s lives and to build a stronger student movement, students across the country are building grassroots USSA chapters that fight for educational justice on campus.

What It Means to Be a USSA Chapter

  • Adopt USSA’s mission and vision for educational justice
  • Run at least one of USSA’s campaigns and participate in national days/weeks of action
  • Activate and develop five organizers or leaders
  • Come to USSA’s two annual conventions: the National Grassroots Legislative Convention and the National Student Congress
  • Be trained in the GrassRoots Organizing Weekend or plan to be trained within the next six months

How to Build a USSA Chapter

  1. Contact the President and Vice President of USSA through the interest form below. An officer or a staff member will follow up with you about how to plug into one of our national campaigns.
  2. Talk to your friends or classmates to identify 2-3 peers to start a chapter with you.
  3. Identify a problem that is affecting students’ access to higher education, either nationally or locally, and create a strategic campaign to address it.
  4. Reach out to as many students as possible, through class raps, canvassing, tabling, and/or posting on relevant Facebook groups or organizational lists.
  5. Begin holding regular meetings and take action on your campaign! Great first actions that make students aware of their own power include letter deliveries, petition deliveries, educational events, and many more creative tactics.

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